Slot Machines :

Slot machines are a device that contains a minimum of 3 spinning reels. In a slot machine the motherboard contains a random number generator in which is simply a computer chip that constantly spits out numbers – even while the machine is not being used. The reels in a slot machine match up with the random numbers made from the random number generator. So what is really happening while playing a slot machine is your choosing a random number by hitting the spin or pull tab.

What does this mean?

Basically It all depends on the precise moment that you pull the handle or push the “Spin” button and which set of random numbers you select. Pulling the handle a 10th of a second later would result in a totally different spin and result.

Factors to consider when playing slot machines:

  • While your at the casino If a slot machine player gets lucky and hits a big payout at a machine that you just left, don’t think that you missed a payout. You would not have gotten that payout if you had been playing because you wouldn’t have pulled the slot machine at the exact fraction of a second that the other person did. I see this happening daily when people think they just “missed” a payout.
  • Slot Machines are random and a slot machine is never due to hit.
  • Playing a slot machine faster will not increase the chances of winning however You will get more random spins so You will lose more or make more quicker while playing that slot machine.
  • It really makes no difference if you pull the handle or press the “Spin” button. It’s all random slot lovers!

Did You know slot machines are setup to payout differently? Some slot machines actually hit more frequent then others and payouts percentages change from time to time as well. This information is all based by the casino. Do not worry however, A casino is legally obligated to keep a payout percentage and if it’s low they will have there license pulled from the gaming authority.
If you are looking for a big jackpot, then the best machines are those with a high payback percentage and a lower hit frequency. Some casinos will actually give You a payback or payout percentage charge to decide what slot game You want to play.

Here are some Tip’s so the next time You go to the casino You can make the best of your money.

  • Tip #1 – Only play the slot machines with the best payout’s – however be careful not to get sucked into playing a slot machine that shows a “Up to % payback”. What casinos enjoy doing is throwing in a high payback slot machine mixed in with many not high payback machines. This gets there guest into thinking all the slots in that area pay back a high percentage.
  • Tip #2 – Play non-progressive machines – The reason why I never recommend Progressive slot machines is simply based on calculations that progressive slot machines are programmed to hit less on the random number generator. Sure the payout will be much larger if You do hit a progressive but odds say that will not happen during your visit. Slot players in general are better off playing flat rate payout machines in good locations then taking a risk on a progressive slot machine.
  • Tip #3 – Speak to Slot Machine Employees – A majority of slot machine employees will inform You as they are there day in and day out what slot machines happen to hit more then others. Remember however all slot machines are programmed with a random number generator so nothing is guaranteed while your at a casino.
  • Tip #4 – Physical placement – I think this is by far the most important tip while playing slot machines. If You can find the correct area of where the casinos have put the higher and better paying slots take advantage of this. There is tight and lose slot machines all over the casino. Try to avoid playing the glamorous tight slot machines like wheel of fortune or You could end up spending a fortune! Now there is no fun in that.
  • Tip #5 – Play the maximum number of coins – The only way you can hit the jackpot on a machine is by playing the maximum number of coins. I always here slot players telling me “If I only would have bet max coins” Don’t get token for a small win when the payout could have been huge.
  • Tip #6 – Always use your slots card – Don’t ever forget to use your players card to take advantage of any comps. Most casinos offer great little comps while racking in the points. It does not take long to register for a slot machine players card and some casinos even give you Free Spins on a payout slot machine to simply register.
  • Tip #7 – If a slot machine isn’t winning move over to the next one. Casinos usually do not located 2 tight paying slot machines in a row. This makes an area where there is no players and no revenue is being brought in. They want players to be winning in each section even if the payouts are low.
  • Tip #8  – Know when to stop playing – Discipline is necessary when gambling. Before even playing any slot machine games try and come up with a winning or losing amount so your not tempted to go back in your wallet. Remember while playing slot machines they are supposed to be fun and entertaining. Do not let a casino turn You into a bankruptcy target and not being able to pay your bills.

So how do You go about finding loose slot machines?

This could be the million dollar question, Casinos spend millions of dollars in advertising and research on how to get players in the door while paying out as little as possible for there big number. It’s common for casinos to play a few hot and popular slot machines in areas by the door where guess will see people winning. Now this isn’t always the case, Studies have indicted people where catching on so they have indeed moved them to the back end of the casino. Each casino once again is different so  try to take advantage when You do find a loose paying slot machine.

How about the change booths? Yep your getting the idea.. Casinos want players to hear the winnings and sounds of other slot players playing. This gets them to cancel the idea of them to cashout and get them to play some more.

How do I avoid Tight Slots?

First recommendation is to avoid aisles known as crosswalks. These are areas that players must walk through to get to the other slot aisles. You do not want to be drawn into the main slot aisles as this is where your going to find tight slot machines waiting for your hard earned money.

While in Vegas I recommend You play at the old side of town. These casinos are losing customers on a frequent basis from the shine and glimmer from the newer side of the strip. This puts You in a position to head to the old part of archive Vegas and play some loose slot machines.

Have You ever scene a very large slot machine near the casino entrance? If so walk away, better yet run! These large slot machines are there to lure players in off the street and into there main casino. They have a high payout percentage but the payouts are so low don’t ever expect to win a large payout or jackpot winner there.

While playing or watching a family member play blackjack just don’t do it. I know how tempting it is to throw a $20 in a slot machine near the blackjack tables. However these slot machines are constantly known to be tight simply because blackjack players are not regular slot players and know no difference.

While in Vegas avoid slot machines near the sportsbook booth. People in the sportsbook area do not want to hear ringing bells and winners going off constantly. So what casinos have done is place tight slot machines near there sportsbook to keep there sports bettors happy and content where they continue to bet on sports.

I hope these slot machine tips help You on your next visit to the casino. I recommend You always bet with your head and not over it and If You have a nice slot machine win remember to walk out of the casino ahead!